Welcome! I'm so excited to share the Udaya experience with you!

The experience starts when you book your first appointment at Udaya Salon. Below, there are two options, “Book Now” and “Submit Online Consultation Form". Both of those options will direct you to a form, where you will either request an appointment for the service you feel best suits your needs, or open a variety of questions that will be submitted to me so I can help you find the perfect “New Guest Service” to suit your needs. After the appointment has been scheduled, you will receive a text confirming the date and time.


When you arrive, we’ll head to the chair and start our 15-minute consultation.  During this time, we’ll get to know each other a bit, you’ll be able to share your current and future hair goals, and we’ll talk about our plan for today’s appointment and future appointments. This step is essential for your divine in-salon experience. 


If you’ve booked a colour service, we will design a colour blend that is customized to your hair. This formula, and any future formulas we create, will be recorded in my system so we can remain updated with every appointment.  I will have a wide selection of amenities to keep your experience at Udaya Salon relaxing and comfortable. 


We’ll finish your service with styling. We’ll discuss product recommendations to help maintain your style at home, and I’ll show you how to use them so you can achieve that fresh salon look when you get home. Before you leave the salon, I’ll make sure you get an appointment card. Based on our discussion at the beginning of your appointment, I will write down the suggested appointment to maintain your hair goals and where you’ll go to book that appointment. 


I can't wait  to meet you and start your hair journey together!

New Guest Services

As a new guest, your appointment will require extra time to do a thorough consultation and adequate time to create your hair goals. 


After the first appointment, your maintenance services will align with my regular colour pricing and in most cases, will require less time. Maintenance appointment pricing applies for guests who book services every 1-5 months. If you are going 6 months or longer between services, guests will have to select a new guest service at the time of rebooking.


Below, you will see a list of my new guest colour services. Please use the book now button to submit an appointment request. If you are unsure of which service is best suited for you, you can submit a pre-consultation form. If you need more information on these services or feel you would benefit more from an in-person consultation, select book now, type in the comment section “Consultation” and include the rest of the details you are prompted to include in the box.

*Prices are subject to change*

This service is for you if you are wanting a low maintenance blonde and if you have mid-length hair or shorter (bra strap length). This is for you if you want lots of dimension in the hair. This service could be a combination of balayage, foilyage and babylights depending on the desired look.

Lived-In Blonding

(3h 30m) *Starting at*  $134

Lived-In Blonding X

This service is the same service as the Lived-In Blonding, only with additional time. This service is for you if you have long hair (past bra strap length) or if your hair is thick.

(4h) *Starting at*  $172

Udaya Blonding

Blonding services beyond this one, typically require multiple sessions, this service is the starting point. This services is best if you are wanting to start your blonding journey, perfect your current blonde, or if you have dark hair, coloured hair at home or dark colours from previous salon visits. This service is for mid-length or short hair (past bra strap length).

(3h 30m) *Starting at*  $134

Udaya Blonding X

This service is the same service as the Udaya Blonding, only with additional time. This service is for you if you have long hair (past bra strap length) or if your hair is thick.

(4h) *Starting at*  $172

Beyond Blonding

This service is best for those that want little to no dimension in their blondes, if you are wanting highlights and lowlights, if you’re wanting to remove excessive brassiness, if you’re wanting to blend chunky or blotchy highlights. All treatments required to maintain healthy hair will be added onto this service. 

(4h) *Starting at*  $180

Beyond Blonding X

This service is the same service as the Beyond Blonding, only with additional time. This service is for you if you have long hair (past bra strap length) or if your hair is thick.

(5h) *Starting at*  $225


This is my biggest service time slot. This service is meant for those looking for a serious makeover. If you are going significantly lighter, if you are going silver/grey, if the look requires multiple techniques and processes, have multiple bands of colour, or extreme caution is needed to prevent breakage or damage. All required treatments to maintain healthy hair will be added on to this service.

(6h) *Starting at*  $270

Hair Cut

Hair cut can be booked as it's own service or as an add on to any new guest service.


So, are you ready to experience Udaya Salon?

Still unsure of which service to book?