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Udaya Salon, it's about creating a custom experience.

Welcome to Udaya Salon, where it is believed that an elevated guest experience is just as important as beautiful hair. We're passionate about providing our guests with a relaxing and personalized salon experience. I am confident that the experience is what sets Udaya Salon apart from the rest, beautiful hair is just a bonus.

Come experience Udaya Salon for yourself and see what it can offer you!

Udaya Salon strives to be the best and I always appreciate guest input. I am a firm believer that there is always room from improvement, so your honest feedback is encouraged

Udaya Salon isn't just a hair salon. It's a space where you can come to relax, rejuvenate and elevate your salon experience.

Udaya Salon has been a part of the Campbell River business community since 2020, and is proud to serve those in Campbell River and surrounding areas. Inspired by our beautiful island, I wanted to create a salon that imitated the peace and calm that you feel when watching the waves crash or hearing the wind blow through the trees. Where you could take a deep breath and feel complete serenity.

Udaya Salon welcomes everyone into this space to enjoy, and strives to create a space where everyone is treated equally and without judgement, no matter their identity, status or income.

If you find yourself looking for amazing hair, I hope that Udaya Salon can show you all it has to offer and how good you can feel when you walk out after your appointment.




1) Rising up, coming forth


2) Refers to a type of Temple

3)  The actual or refracted appearance of a heavenly body, as the sun, moon, etc. above the horizon; apparition.

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