Re-opening Policies


Masks must be worn by stylist and guests at all times. I am unable to work around masks that wrap around the head, so please use masks that go behind the ears. 

*See below for additional information


Guests services are by appointment only. Please arrive at your appointment alone and no more than 5 minutes early.


Hand sanitizer will be made available to guests. Please use it when you enter the building and when you leave. A sink with hand soap will also be available.


All guests will be required to fill out a safe visit protocol form before their appointment begins, to assess if we can continue with the service.


At this time, beverage services are suspended. If you'd like a drink, please bring your own and ensure you are taking any empty bottles home with you after the appointment.


At this time, I will not be accepting cash due to Covid. I accept credit and debit. Tap, chip and swipe is available and receipts can be emailed or texted.

* Udaya Salon does not currently carry disposable masks for guests, but will at a later date. If you do not provide your own mask, we will not be able to continue with the service.

Have any questions in regards to the policies? Ask here!